I'm not being what you want

• Written by  • Featuring StormTheArsonist

(Demonicstrange's verse)
I'm buring in flames fuck it when you came
This ain't the fucking same I ain't playing no
Fucking games the demon has a rised
Hell is in the skies I'm sick of all these fucking lies
This is the shit I dispise do I have to make you
Recognize like how many times this is all mines
I'm going to be the one that shines coming up
With all these rhymes fuck who tries to defines
the way I am or what I'm gonna be it dosent
matter to you only to me on what I see
I don't care on what you want me to be
this is not about you just me and how
I want to be free living without the stress
and the pain im just trying to gain a little bit
of fame but not to try and play the blame game
cause I ain't doing the same as you are doing to me
I already knew it so fuck this family
Hook x2
I'm just going to be me
I don't care if you can see
I'm just being me
Trying to not be what you want me to be
( StormTheArsonist Verse 14 Bars)
Oh Oh, it seems like the mood has swung
from when we were young,times changed....
turn the page, 2 children sprung with screaming
lungs several years past, fast at times you seemed
like a outcast like i'm not sure who you are through
that mask, if you asked.we took that chance,
and danced, but now your changing your stance
hearing lots of NO's and CANTS, no more getting in
those pants we seemed to lose romance, the relationship
was a task. like the love didn't last, and the spark is a thing
of the past It's crazy, its almost like writing this is saving me
making me notice how your constantly trying, changing me
your aging me, even my reflection is hating me
maybe, i just need a to stop, relax and just try to breathe
or perhaps I should just pack my shit and get up and leave
Im serious, this shit doesn't seem to be getting better
besides the fact that we're both like whatever and the...
the reason why i'm writing this letter, a vendetta
remember, the reason why your x saw my beretta?
thats why im at the point that we should not be together
keep that sweater, no pressure, i guess nothing's forever
funny how she's so different from when i first met her
so i left that cheating bitch so someone else can get her
Hook x2
I'm just going to be me
I don't care if you can see
I'm just being me
Trying to not be what you want me to be

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