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(Verse 1)
Get ready for a disappearance a psycho
a murders lyric that will make you sick
to the wicked but twisted like your committed
as they think your gifted to the spirits but really
the demonic with in it santanic symbol
and the summoning of the devil using the magical
bloody crystal this isn't for the average typical
it will hit you in anyways critically physical
now watch as the light beams from the ground
as your souls surround and hear the demon
in your minds as he starts to arise the earth quacks
hope you learn from your mistakes that you create
from the gate of hell the demons all let out
now the blood shed comes out as you get tossed
to the side as if your nothing else
(Verse 2)
Fuck it I'll join them the devils here might
as well start to the killing and spilling
the blood as the victims drop one by one
just having some fun I'm not even close
to being done until I kill everyone or
anyone that's in my way of my goals in life
or when the devil tells me to take out my knife
just to rip out their insides then take my MP5
and blast them to the afterlife then blame it
If it was a suicide and catch them with there
tongues tide it's going to be a bloody night
with the moon red about to be a good night
to attack you and suck your blood dry
this is your goodbye hope you were satisfied

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