Back to the essence(feat kaze e)

• Written by  • Featuring KazeThaJoker

Trillmonger verse starts at 30 secs//
Trill still Sendin niggas all the way back to the essence/
And it Aint no guessin kaze e kills with no question/
You step in our section you get met with aggression/
There aint no protection from this murderous connection/
The shits sort of like Armageddon when we start leveling/
But Its exactly six feet when i start to shoveling/
The monger take rookies stuff em back inside pussys/
Then Take lockers and fill em up like bullys/
Undertaker put you exactly where you should be/
Ski mask flow but im mobbin with the hoodie/
I got all these kids scared ima monster like the look-see/
With this criminal flow even dano couldnt book me/
Listen rookie stay in your place and play your part/
Before i rip apart every arterie from yo heart/
Im whippin noahs ark its the great black shark thatll/
Send you to the essence just to kill you from the start/
Kaze-E verse//
I'm undestructable the flow bust in your ear straight, niggaz
I never take a god damn break I rather be on here and estimate your
Worthless fate, thanks for the hate that just gets me another golden
Plate, Kaze so insane in the brain i bring the fire out everyday
when it rains it pours, another coke line to snore and when I'm super
Sonic shit I bring out the fucking gore, I'm hardcore dancing with my glock
At your block look at the clock it's time to give your girl the nut
Niggaz mmm is independent, Kaze and trill is like the
Central intelligence, my words speak with terrifying actions
You bitches are studying about us but still end up beening fucking
Brainless, so don't step up to us or this will be a bloody mess
You end up stressed while we command and perform gangsta ambitions on the rest

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