Rest In Peace, Papa Doc (MC_Doc ...

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Verse 1 //Rap Starts At - 0:24//
I saw your diss, and I can say I'm not that impressed,
Your too much under stress maybe you should cool down and rest,
But hey thanks, now I have a chance to prove myself again,
If I have to I'mma bring the hole crew and finish this, continuing dissing you,
Listen hoe, don't call me your son or a faggot, your nothing,
Your garbage and trash, you walked the wrong path, didn't you know?
I'm a psychopath, feel my everlasting wrath, you tried to diss Venom,
Well, here you're welcome "Venom get your ass over here."
*Venom appears and takes control*
Alright listen punk your my son, wonder why is that?
Cuz you compared yourself with carnage and he is my son in the comics,
But listen to me limbless turd faggot, I'm taking you straight to the underworld,
You might as well take your farewell from this world, you ain't coming back,
You say my comebacks are trash, who is the one which doesn't know about facts,
Pay attention, how is that a diss, you don't know me, so how are you going to diss me?
Pathetic your such an idiot, you think your something, but your not,
Your insults are average, your not something new, I've been insulted in worse ways than you,
To me that was a piece cake, which I eat every Sunday with a cherry on top,
Talking about rap and that you consider yourself the greatest like Em and Pac,
Looks like ya mama didn't give your goodnight kiss, cuz now you're just pissed,
After this you'd be wishing to God that you did not exist,
Kaze finished you, Grimm destroyed you, RIOT killed you and now I'm going to devour you!
MC_Doc? more like Papa Doc from 8 mile movie track, first off stop bragging,
Second off all, stop calling yourself an MC, you don't know what it means,
But I'm going to tell you, it means Master of Ceremonies,
Don't get yourself to hyped up, cuz your not an MC even if you were, you'd suck at it,
If your raps were that good why did you private them? Hmm let me guess,
Cuz they're trash, smash you with my bare fist if I have to, make 5 disses to end you, if I have to,
You fucked with the wrong dude, with that 3 inch cock ready to get knocked out!
Wait I'mma stop, why am I not dissing you with facts, that you are a copycat and a card b bitch,
If you see an opportunity to copy, you do it, recently it has become your hobby,
Now who is here the rookie, please shut your mouth sit down and have a cookie,
Surely you've been dissed before, and exposed as a whore, getting butt raped,
Acting like a motha fuckin saint, you should feel ashamed, your the one to blame,
Hey maintain your cool after this because this is the end, you cannot comprehend me,
I am the original Venom on RapPad the one which has been created by God,
Making sure copycats like you rot, you got exposed now try to find a spot to hide in a shit hole,
Cuz when I lay my killing spree horrors I lose control,
Let me quote your ass just this once. "What makes you think you can diss me?" he asked,
And I answered "Cuz I'm original and your not, your a fake bitch with a marry virgin hole spot ready to get the dick from the Holy Venom God!"

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