Nuclear Fallout

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Just when they thought it was safe to open the hatch again
Rush through, slam the vault shut and trapped 'em in
A bomb shelter can't protect you from attacks within
Plus I sealed the vault to the thing it latches in
The very walls that protected you from their attacks
Ironically trapped you with me, now here's the facts
You cowards hunkered in this bunker your whole lives
Whenever they said things about the race you don't like
Convinced yourself that their criticism is racist
It can't possibly be the ways you behave in
Now let's see, there's rooms I came here to cave in
I used to come here, so I know how to navigate it
This corridor here, if I'm not mistaken
I believe leads to a room where you easily get
Excommunicated just for speaking the truth
I'ma expose it, y'all don't want me in this room
Better secure this door, before it's broken
My words are weapons, breach with C4 explosives
The excuses you have in store is so thin
I know your arguments way before it's spoken
You'll try to find ways to say that it's racist
I heard someone tried to claim that it's self hatred
That's the only argument they can make since
They don't have any points with substance, they're weightless
To claim self hatred, is like saying
Anyone who blows the whistle on an organization
Must hate themselves, what... wow you're dumb
The dude that said that, shut your mouth you cunt
I have a war to fight, but if I get more defiant
And make things personal, it'll be mortifying
This shelter betrays you, no longer fortified
It's not your ally, cause I was also molded by it
Stop ignoring and hiding, just accept the truth
Ghetto culture's ignorant, everyone knows except for you
It's not so much you don't know, you just allow it
No one in this room has the guts to disavow it
Improve low test scores? Can't talk about it
Just keep blaming classrooms being overcrowded
Look at the obvious, though it hurts to do that
Kids are produced in mass by dudes in do rags
If those facts offend you, that's just too bad
I'm not letting these douche bags define us, screw that
That means rappers, hood rats, young hooligans
It's not color, people don't like unruliness
Stereotype is self inflicted, you're ashamed of it
Too afraid to admit the truth, y'all enabled this
Nobody is awake, everyone is missing it
If this isn't what you call a plague, what is it then?
Y'all can't reconcile this psychologically
Just sweep it under the rug, and what bothers me
Is those who mention the rug, let alone what's under it
They get dragged through the mud, backlash is thunderous
I'm sick of it, it's a perfect system, isn't it?
This is how y'all cope with the cognitive dissonance
Then y'all got the nerve to protest what Matters?
Shut up, what about all the gallons of blood splattered
In Gary, Indiana, and northern St. Luis
Point at the mess you made and hold your face to it
Oh yeah, sure, those lives must've really mattered
Look up the murder rate, you'll be left feeling shattered
It's like y'all just accepted, "that's how ghettos are"
I refuse to believe that, I wanna set a bar
Much higher than what any of you cowards are willing to set
You're willing to accept violence and mediocrity
And have the hypocrisy to move to the suburbs to hide
But get offended when urban culture's criticized
That is absurd defined, you move for a reason
Can't discuss it though, cause otherwise it's treason
Not just larger homes or your kids education
You won't admit it, but here's why else you're escaping
Say you and your spouse are shopping for a new house
Plus you have a kid on the way, so you wanna move now
So you drive around, scout the square areas
And find a suburban place, where there's rarely a
Problem or any issues, but here's the barrier
You see dudes strutting exposing their derrieres
Their jeans are sagging so low, it's scrunched in
Behind the tongues of their Timberland boots, bunched in
But the yard's huge, don't you want your family here?
Why'd you get back in the car and slam it in gear?
Anyone can tell who's potentially hostile
Evolutionary skill - look at the costume
Don't act like you can't use eyes to identify
Someone's character, not fully, but you get a vibe
It's fine, as long as you have an open mind, recognize
Every culture has traits that are more emphasized
In them, than others, we don't evolve exactly the same
Plants in the sun grow different than plants in the shade
I'm the light, even as dark as I can get
I'll open your eyes, even if it means blinding it
Ok I'm done with this room, now here's the fun part
One of y'all point me to the room where the thugs are
Actually, I'll follow the loud thumping sounds
That'll lead me straight to these foul ******* clowns
Here they are, the group we're not allowed to hate
They have lousy traits but they'll make it about the race
Don't expect mercy, you'll get none of it from me
Let me close this door, this is gonna get ugly
You low lifes are the reason people cross the 'burbs
Know what I'm saying? You ask cause you're at a loss for words
I'ma torture these lame, stuttering cavemen
Nothing can save them, can barely utter a statement
Without having to stop and ask every few words
To ask you and verify whether you heard
And understood whatever incoherent crap they said
They don't know how to take their thoughts and translate it
The nuance is lost, only so much you can say
Using just a fraction of the language to convey
Could you summarize a movie in about ten words?
How would that sound, switching nouns, tense, verbs
You're not expressing yourself in ways you could do
That's why you keep asking if we understood you
And there's good people out of habit, also doing it
No offense to them, just this room with goons in it
Rap Heisenberg, say my name, whose room is it?
You're darn right, let me show you what ruthless is
Why you squint your eyes and tilt your heads backwards?
And cocked to the side, you look like a dog you bastard
You talk retarded and your behavior's rude
Still think it's color that people see you with a heinous view?
The hard working Africans are ashamed of you
They're better than me, I can't contain my disdain of you
The way that you, glorify thug life and violence
Urban culture is infected with a kind of virus
It's robbing innocent kids of their brightness, kindness
By their teens, their smile is gone, they're mindless
Eyes with nothing behind it, zombies, brain dead
I'm going off and Punishing everyone like Shane did

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