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Holy-Shepard's Notes

due to my teams right I can not put the full quality version out yet and this is the phone recorded version .

im sorry for the bitches that i trust
im sorry for the homies that i bust
sorry for any shit that I caused
sorry that i had a fight with your thoughts
sorry to ma mama for the lines that I crossed
sorry for your feelings really sorry for your loss
sorry sorry yeah u just a chatter
im sorry sorry does it even matter
it aint never gonna fix what you shattered
sorry sorry and im feeling flattered
push me off the ladder push me off the ladder
sorry sorry yeah u just a chatter
damn girl I took my defence down for u
and I let u think im really down for u
thought u gonna play games now the jokes on u
no u cant shake what u wanna hold on to
yeah u really good , really good at being fake , (yaa)
so u tellin me that I gotta wait so u can change , (huh?)
whats the point whats the point when its late , (wat)
why u getting mad if u didn't dooo anything ,wrong
its ma guilty hands with ur dirty face and a empty plate (bitch)
u see what u said , doesn't make , any sense ,(nah)
used to praise ur ass for the shit that u been though
I was playing a game that it wasn't what it seemed to
u much better off if u tell what u mean to
u know u aint kinda bitch that im truly into

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