kye distrack

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your heads in the wrong lane
my lifes in the fast lane
my brain is in pain
go get hit by a train
im querky and lame
sad and nerdy
but your just the same
im untame- able
im mentally unstable
u and i arnt comparable
my brain is unbeatable
and ur life is unbearable
yall know im gonna be rich and famous
and everybody knows ur gonna be a janiter
and im the mutherfucking imbasiter
by jainter i dont mean good will hunting
im not smart
but least im something
always with you anoying kids
it will start an apocolypse
stop rapping and stop sucking dick
if u come to my house you will catch my fist
u get raped by carl and touched by ur mom
while ur sister watches and you stick ur fists up ur bum
and eat it(no lie)
im more than meets the eye
ill turn u shy
ill make you cry
ull be screaming why why why
i dont know kye
oh wait u made my brain dye
ur brain is slush
your fortnite bush
i know ur crush
its josh
oi wait is that a toochy subject
i dont care
ill give you a scare
your like a pee and im like a bear
ur not rare
ur un-unique
o sorry dont u weep
ur a retarded bitch
ur an anoying itch
ur mamma should of thrown u in a ditch
and not of dropped you on your head
u should be dead
sorry sloth
hey u guys is all you say
come out of the closet
we all know ur gay
im like a tupac
and your like white trash
what u sayin youlle never grow a mustache
ur so Unhairy
its gonna scare me
when ur 73
and U havnt hit puberty
my brain be like charles manson
me and my cult will put u up for ransom
ima soiciopath up in this
ur not on the right path with your diss trak
u big spak
stop eatin big macs
because U lack
al tallent
arent even worth my time
ur face so ugly it looks like u sucked a lime
Ur lyrics are commiteding acrim
cause therre so bad
it even makes the word happy sad
your a failed abortion
a failed adoption
Rapping rapid fire with unlimited ammunition
ur like my first paitnnet
muhamed arhyle is what ut called
u should be sold
to the ophanige
gocna go fuck a cyanide pill
we all know u will
ur unoriginal, u stole my line
it show you like my ryme
u stinky bitch
it would help if you put on a bit lynx
or youll get malled by a Sphinx
because im a mythical god
and these bitches be prayin on my cock 24/7
i get more bitched than a 711
im not a force to reckon with
ill make shore all ur kids dont live
you aint real mc
i know everything you'v got to say to me
i am white
i am a fucking bum
i never stop living with my mom
im fat
look like a rat
fuck yall if you doubt me
im not fully black i say it proudly
and fuck this battle i dont wanna win, im outtie
here tell me something i dont know about me

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