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Step in the whip,
clutching my shit
grab a hunnid, out the cusp of my hip,
cup in my grip,
kind funny how you slept on the kid,
slept on the gift,
coutin money,
now i stepped on the grid,
them steps never skipped,
now I know im better than you,
better than few,
yeah Im so ahead of the view,
ahead of the slew,
shawty want my cheddar my loot,
my schedule is cruel,
No time to let up with you,
my let up is rude,
eating honey lettuce with fruit,
my head is astute,
need it for my get up to rule.
my get up is fuel,
runnin with the head of the wolves,
beheaded the bull,
A Texas representer in full
Is the Vinny the Wolf,
So I had to get in the booth,
Rip it in two,
Young niggas,
outchea reppin the youth,
catchin the route,
7th inning stretch and dip in ya boo
some dick and some lube
she love it how I stick it and move,
stick it and juke

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