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look listen
Killing these niggas out the jungle
run with the ball no fumble
paw patrol no ruble
call me Tony no Romo
your girl she a ho bro
you know this is GodFlow
2 shots in the paint
ybn gang rubbing off the paint
look this ain't even a freestyle
i'ma run around them one mile
Meanwhile gotta keep a low profile
69 you a pedophile
mumble rapping my be my style
but never compare me to 21
fuck with me you might get hit with the drum
fuck with me boy you dumb
she all honey with the bun
bad bitch but she Asian
bleeding red like Satan
all these nigga is forsaken
your girl she taken
like a perm i'ma straighten
trynna say I rap like 21 boy you mistaken
make me mad i'ma cause a home invasion
now I got these niggas shaken
iced out on my wrist
my girl got the wettest lips
my girl got the biggest tits
when I was 10 I getting them digits
now I'm out nigga peace

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