K Santana- Oochie Wally REMIX

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The wave is great, buys time to change it up
gotta pave the way no ties but lace it up
thought it made my day these niggas is the wack
still brainwashed here to believe the trends is where it's at
Coming up from little to nothing here to take over
had stress times and had to cope it aint over
its recycles in my mentality the same over
and over again im losing the drive no range rover
What i'm facing is self deprecation
but then i looked around man i see the relations
i noticed i aint different when i'm going through it
i'm witnessing the dirt around me i'm sowing through it
Hit the gas keep it moving know i do it for the cake
im aware of what im choosing i aint finna hit the brakes
got a vision to fulfil man im tryna meet the greats
and i gotta hit a mil free my mother from the pain
Pretending like i aint tryna raise a kid
marry a baddie wit a fattie who could taste the kids
keep her happy when I’m at it wit the pace and tricks
Im tryna grab it while im at it shorty crave the dick
Hit the money shot niggas hitting the funny spot
dirty money aint coming its ugly thats a bummy chop
rocking jewelry yeah they stunning and bluffin lucky cop
stay in the dirt cause you dirt you ain't coming back from the drop
Wouldn't do it for the props
but I'll do it cause im hot
they cant’ belittle the kid'll kindle beats that wouldn't pop
open the door its in the middle wit riddles and a lock
you prolly never find the key from what i see nigga stop
tryna accommodate Wit this ambition you think im tryna wait?
going all out when i'm hitting the booth aint no type of weight
this light shit ion bite shit but im out for cake
and i aint about to taste all the bitterness from ya plate
So lemme know when it's going down
so keep it in motion now i rather keep it hot and you know notice how..
it started off when i drove around i ask if it's over now cause look i see you
caving it's colder now
you thought ya peoples was loyal now they looking like folders now
you trusted them look over ya shoulders now
but meanwhile im above the crowd i fade all the sounds
my supporters forreal gonna hold it down.
No fun and games still sit back chit chat
all these hoes is the same ion miss that hit that
but i'll bone for a day then i'll get back wit that
therapeutic music spitting and i'll set that wit facts

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