NEGUS SZN (Prod. KiingR)

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Tell me this ain’t what a king look like
Ain't this what a fucking king look like
Why the fuck, don't this fuckin crown sit right
Shit the muh fuckin crown too tight
On my head, I deserve the crown alright
I'mma wear it til the ground, I might
Til I'm dead, for this fuckin crown I'll fight
All these niggas got me livid
Ain't got time for being timid
How the fuck the king make a living (woah)
I’m the king so the sky is the limit
I’ll conquer all this niggas simpin (yeah)
Rappers actin like they politicians
Lobbyin for positions
Give a damn about the system
If I fail then it means that all these niggas trippin (ooo)
Get it how I live it
Fuck niggas been trippin
Fuck luck I'm the nigga, that’s talkin greatness I penned it
I'm the latest independent nigga to snatch the pennant
Snatchin chains, fuck the pendants
Don't give a fuck bout opinions
My greatness ain't pending
Don't ask me for a pennies
World in my hands feelin
From spilling chalice I'm sippin
I'm the beast who be chilling
At the top of the building
With head full of ammunition
So I got this bitch tippin
Sweater season Whit. so I'm ripping out this bitch
Smoke rising from the body, I'm too hot for this here (yup)
You the pot and im pissed
You're in wrong positions, to be talking to
You not cause, I’m that nigga I’m the king
Switch Up
We went from Negus to niggas
Uh, Kings to Kong’s
I been dormant sleeping
Uh, way too long
Feel like, doin all this shit all the wrong ways
All the wrong ways

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