It all makes sense

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Lack foresight gripping four’s right?
Still on some fuck shit bark or bite
it all makes sense, all makes sense
Malnourishment won’t be bullied in
or into us had a good thing
all makes sense, all makes sense
In contact with this frail bitch
On the cool I’m being selfish
want to end these back and forths
They Setting me up for failure
Complimented accepted your flaws
Yet odd when I make a withdraw
I’m overbearing too much I stalk
Head games rigged play to win and wired
Just received false flags misfires
God said, “get your worth by calling it”
yet all I’ve ever wanted
Was attention, monkey paw shit
Cuz I do get noticed often
To be called obnoxious
Maybe cuz I'm obnoxious
It all makes sense
It all makes sense
Place in my heart had now vacant
Said I’d come back when I had worth
Through the venture figured answers
play one man army just to share
Till infinity made love aware
Either stay content being sidelines
I digress bruv ok I’m lyin’
never took us as anymore than
my short pockets could afford huh
fool thinkin’ you sittin on gold huh
Yeah no I’ve seen this before huh
Up and leave me for broke huh
Self aware like the palm of my hand
God forbid you dropped any plans
Dead body man
Dead body man
I'm the i'm the
Dead body man
Creeped in the morgue won’t let me in
Got myself manipulated in
Thinking If I say my goodbyes then
I’d be a man
Hiding a grin
Strive for success oddly I can’t
beat myself up
fore I get jealous
So I’ll be ill in the right when
I stir hell up
Let me develop
Unsolvable jigsaw puzzle
I won’t quit I’ll stay in this struggle
Mashing these pieces
Hopin' she sees this
Can’t member when I enjoyed shit
Now I just sit idling my poison

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