Sike! feat. C.E.B (Prod. Straigh...

• Written by  • Featuring CEB

Ayy oou run it
Thumbing through a milli at the summit
They ain't gonna catch you when you plummet
If you want the fade nigga then you need to run it, (ayy)
Oou run it
Thumbing through a milli at the summit
They ain’t gonna catch you when you plummet
If you want the fade nigga run it
(alright stop it right there)
Fuck y’all make me take a life
Might have to kill yo ass twice
What’s that pokin out your head issa knife
I might commit genocide on these mics
Dead em all, all in a fight
Fuck it’s a wonderful night
Y’all gon make me take a, (hey!)
These just madlibs
That was written by a bad kid
Always upto something and laughing
In the school of makin money fuck them classes
Always wanna make it and rap big
Open a few doors, I’m not dancer, prancer, dashin
Wanna cash in
On the skills I got through practice
Poof, came up like magic
I’m scarred, destined to be classic
Say they sick with the motions
Say I’m movin too fast then
Get them chains up out my face before I start to snatch it
Better put yo girl in her place ‘for in smashin
Throw a catchers mitt all in yo face for fade you catchin
Keep on backin you upto your place just like a savage
I been tracking you upto your place to catch you lackin
Get this crackalackin gat I’m packin
Ready to cause yo passin wit passion
Bullets in bomber jackets
That’s a killer fashion
Claim you got the green across ya body
But I’m covered in blue faces like I’m Draken
I used to talk way too much
Now I stay quiet listening cause I know that I be too quick judge
Right now I feel like I’m in power cuz All I do is keep on movin up
I move at my own own pace why you tryna rush
This ain’t nothin to me this a jog not run
I’m always a competitor no non of this for fun
(How that sound?)
Bitch I sound great
I was born with this shit i guess it’s a trait
I frustrate these other rappers like god damn how think of that
I don’t know but I be pullin it from the back of my head
What the fuck you mean by sayin rap is dead
I resurrect that mothafucka without missing a beat
You fumble it slackin stumblin not quick on ya feet
I know that I’m the shit
but boy what you think?
It don’t even matter
Kids too fast hit the nas illmatic
Ya Easily broken like a sculptor made of ceramic
You say the music aight but I’m way more than average
This is what’ll happen if you keep on messing with me I’ll leave you looking like you’ve been caught playing with red paint
But boy that ain’t the worst of it
Oh You heard of him
Putting rappers under like before the surgeon in
then buildin them a permanent bed
Like lay yo head and rest

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