manic (prod. elijah who)

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i’m in love, i’m in love thats the hardest flex
Bar none drop it bar one, what you not impressed?
all my money digital now I’m counting checks
I'm the one I'm the one yeah I'm on next
this a new type of confident
this that end up doing what you love, pay your mama's rent
and this that wish someone the best when all they do is talking shit
I say fuck the haters then I go and do the opposite
this that maajin buu pink lemonade though
this that call your girl to ask how was your day flow
Far as I’m concerned this that metaphysical Draino

Remember the system failed the devil live with a halo
My television got cable I’m doing great for myself

I love me I’m always hungry I’m usually ‘fraid for my health

Cause I’m losing all of this weight but its moving straight to my Zelle

all I want is a brand new pic of my cuties face on my cellular uh
Swear my life is in technicolor, I wouldn’t want any other

My squad is a mess of lovers and fighters and sister brothers

And fathers that living tough so their daughters don’t never struggle
Who recently taught me the word love is hella subtle
Lets all have a little huddle discuss the complexities of this one thrill
Yelling ‘I’m in love’ with resolve and passions a good feel
Give you all of me for a little you thats a good deal

Yeah I’m good, hella good

Nah, I’m wonderful
Ruston squad like a mob we untouchable

Thats shoutout to Duke and Aaron Zeke and Sierra, what it do

Faith and Ashley too gang in one house like the Huxtables

All of y’all know I fuck with you
Like the long way

Step to the set and leave disrespected like Eric Andre
I carry myself like I fucking carry the planet

And sure I barely can manage but dammit I’ma do it my way

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