I Hope They Remember You (*Thanos*)

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Where my thugs at, come on put your hands up
Keep 'em where I can see 'em, and pull your pants up
Raise up your image, take off the handcuffs
Cause and effect, y'all need to understand 'em
Thugs and rappers make the race look dumb
Our race is a disaster cause it's laced with scum
You nameless bums will really hate this one
Prejudice sucks, but don't walk around as a pirate,
And cry when, you get mistaken as one
You make the stereotypes you brainless runts
Let me spell it out, cause your minds are dull
Because of rap culture, you're kind of all
Mindless, can't comprehend cause and effect
Too biased, that led to your loss of respect
Let's say pirates are bad, as an objective fact
Are you with me so far, are you gonna object to that?
If a guy has a peg leg and wears an eye patch
Plus a parrot on his shoulder, you think pirate, why's that?
It's the visual cues, you tell by eyeing it
The same way you tell a biker from a scientist
If they accused you of stereotyping 'em
And judging on looks, instead of what's inside of 'em
That's dumb, you strut with your head cocked, angry
The main reason you feel like that, is you feel
Oppressed and, you turned aggressive, put your hood on and
Exposing yourself, you can't even put on pants
You serious? You expect to be seen with integrity
Anyone that disagrees at this point is dead to me
We've had many proverbial doors close
This whole time we had on a criminal's wardrobe
If your with your toddler and you see a Pit Bull
Are you thinking, "they're not all the same, it's cool"
No, and it's not personal, you don't hate them
You recognize patterns, you know their reputation
If it's a Golden Retriever, not all that concerned
Might bite, probably won't, these are all facts confirmed
Look in the mirror, what do we look like?
Awfully similar to how rappers and crooks might
It's because of those scoundrels/pirates
Those crooks that cause the police to flash sirens
That the rest of us in costume seem violent
This my life's cause now, I'll never cease firing
Y'all need tough love, from an extreme titan
To break it down brutally, and say **** thugs
I'm not playing , this is not parody
I'll cure your blindness through shock therapy
We're so behind, need to catch everyone up
Every one of us, been misled, by those activists
In the community, if those cowards would've said,
Even half of this, spoke with impunity
We wouldn't be looked down upon so foolishly
They have y'all focused on the wrong target
Soon as we, see that, we end the lunacy
These activists are actually doing more harm than
Good, they're distracting from the real culprits
They've been protected, I'm knocking the shields off them
Y'all defend hoodlums as if it's personal
You don't see other groups protecting the worst of 'em
You don't see them defend trailer trash red necks
If they wanna act retarded, by all means let them
Whites don't fight tooth and nail to defend them
If someone trashes red necks, whites aren't offended
Say the word black, can't finish the sentence
You perked up defensive before the line even ended
It's a defense mechanism, you know there's a problem
But y'all rather deny it, instead of trying to solve 'em
Everybody's lying, all the stats are biased
That's why I'm, deprogramming lies that you go by
If you're sailing the seas, and there's pirates close by
Wouldn't you be on guard, wouldn't you keep a close eye?
And it's not cause you have anything against the group
But now the pirate community is quick to sentence you
As being racist, but you only reacted naturally
What, you supposed to act like they weren't dastardly?
We need to rethink the definition of racist
Even those who say they are, too dumb to explain it,
But they're not against the color, they're against the traits in
People, some might hate just cause of an accent
Some may hate greed, it's not color, it's actions
Just like when you think of certain terrorist factions
Most likely you think of specific regions
What would suck though, is if you happened to be from there
And though you have nothing else in common with 'em even
To the majority, unfortunately you're seen as,
Being part of the dangerous group, since those crimes
Are committed at a higher rate by those who look the same as you
If certain things are done more by certain groups
Of course folks'll be labeled, when not deserving to
It's not color, it's the uniform you wear
If your team commits fouls, it's not the other team
Throwing you under the bus, your own team's throwing you there
Step back and look at some of the cultural norms you share
These activists are jokes, screwing the masses
Protesting reactions, from people, to crimes committed
Instead of condemning , the ones doing the actions
Mrs. Parks should've left you fools in the back then
Y'all are disgracing everyone who fought for the rights
Your ignorance proves the point of the alternate right
Ultimate paradox, you cause your discrimination
No one wants thugs in a place where kids are raised in
It's not black and white, that notion held you back
I taught myself to rhyme, in order to tell you that
This was my goal, ever since I stomped in
They don't hate you cause of color, they hate you cause of content
U Mad? Speak up and respond then
I'll take the gloves off, and put on a gauntlet
Shattered your reality, dismantled it
To free you from your cages, I had to rattle it
Took the thoughts of those like me and channeled it
I hope they remember you, the scum I battled with
You're the reason for the problems we're all saddled with
I'll bring balance using rap to do what Thanos did

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