Beat 11 (Prod By. Dahm)

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Should I rap about violence turn the stadium to a massacre
land on a chainsaw head first and cut my own brain off
I ain't playing around like the top lid of soy sauce
pushing the competition down vacating the microphone vacating the
microphone from the same stage your laying on been fed medication
since a baby inhalers crashed on me like Niagra Falls so maybe
that's how I developed all these psychy hormones I likely might be on
the scene of a crime spree UFO I'm jumping ships alienated piracy
fuck the challengers fucking stand here acting weird in dead silence
with no applause like my only fan is a bitch with menopause sound
the alarms MC Stephen is about to deck these fools wrecking you
making you look to the skies looking for heaven proof don't call
yourself an MC around me unless you stand doubt free middle
fingers up harrassing cuz little do you know I've been belittled
through growth fucking musicians who the fuck do you think you
are here take my writtens Ridalin turned you to magicians disappear
behind closed doors don't show face without a given time frame hold
the cypher I gotta get this shit turned in by 9 AM y'all MC's are mine
again Advil at 5 PM how do I slam the pen and still draw time to
drown in Gin I'll be around again I'm awake until about ten then I
pass the fuck out because I don't feel talented okay pal here the
crown is take it off but keep your feet planted spit a verse that
demands it I'll be touring through Liverwurst living like living more
like a pilgrims feast hold up recycled rhymes get rid of me you're
dead meat I'm lead feet and not moving up until a judge incarcerates
and I'm standing in between faggots and a bunch of father figures I'm
I'm all about a dollar number only because ugly motherfuckers don't
understand negative outcomes raking leaves and barely filling your
stomach with enough oxygen to live don't talk saying your a gangster
if your not you'll be left dead swear to god Led Zeplin Rockstars
Dungeon and Dragons Monsters punching bag boxers the number
11 cock suckers raunchier than fuck Mia Khalifa drowsier than sleep
aids pure inebriation I'll hit the altitude every magnitude women and
tattoos swimming in her juice flipping on her dude three-way included
I'm looking for an ass bigger than Kim Kardashian but that shit is not
fuck my life I left the light on in the bathroom again guess I'll have to
turn it off magic tricks how bout this ladies and gentleman slide to the
right I'm finna end your life if you fuck with me wife now back to the
cypher back to stacking back to the playing field I'm no accident
Subaru Hatchbacks with sunroofs power windows that don't work
though I have a habit of landing back flips jumping jacks and 50
push-ups bow to get the fuck of my mic bitches
here spit on the rest the instrumental

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