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//Verse 1
Im the realest when im flexing
Aint no fuckin second guessin
Speak bad on my name
Then you meet the smith and wesson
Nah, im just playing
But i really kill this beat like hussein
2 shots to yo brain
Im going insane
Dont do it for the clout and the fame
Do it for my city to remember my name
Lets chill out ima roll this jane
How do i do it though
Everybody wanna know
What is my ritual
My flow is so habitual
You wont even get it no
I cant ever take it slow
Smoking up raws
Counting figures up like kaws
Bitch im a boss
Aint no cap for the sauce
My strap cold like “BRRR” etta
So froze need a sweater
Swear its vendetta
How im coming for the cheddar
Im the top like header
Goin hot like pepper
Stun em so clever
Take em in whatever weather
//Verse 2
so cool like LL
Dont like me? Oh well
I might run up a 100k
Then marry adelle
Best believe that im an icon
Cloud 9 so high its what im on
ya girl choked up like python
Get em with the knockout no Tyson
Boys got my back like verizon
Man i couldnt wait to get my rhyme on
Levitate, Levitate
Told my boys i would show em better days
On my broke shit looking for the treasure page
Hungry just to see how bread taste, so heavenly
This shit is a virus
My girls booty got me like a pirate
Everyday i got to thank the highest
And i mean god no pilot
//Verse 3
Wrap it up like sushi
Made your sister a groupie
Like i love lucy
Step in them slides and they gucci
From inside the city
You aint getting my pity
If you aint rockin wit me
Then im ending it quickly
Pour the henny for my bros
Might pass around some hoes
Gotta get that fluid flow
you already know
Ion fuck wit snow
Keep that shit up from ya nose
set the whip on cruise control
Blue patek, blue patek
Dream of a cuban on my neck
Im up next, im up next
Goin for the home run stretch
Fettucini, im so greedy
And i got a check up on my feedy
Tell your girl come see me
Cause im so fly like tweedy

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