SuperMayne (Prod. Dahm)

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I ain't from this planet but you mother fuckers know that
Took that gold up off my wrist replaced it with an OLED
Language that I'm speaking think these niggas need a closed cap
Shun the light inside I'm from the pit and I don't hold back
Baratheon nigga I came for the throne
My goons extra reckless they aim at ya dome
Rock so many rings that my fist made of chrome
I'll kick down your door and run right in your home
I'm back in this bitch like I'm parallel parking
Throw hands at ya boy and I'm tearin em off ya
I sip Kerosene and I sleep in a coffin
Duct tape on deck for you niggas who talkin
Mil town museum I stand on the wings
Army of darkness bitch hail to the king
People stay tellin me bout what they think
Like who gave you niggas permission to think?
Please understand you're irrelevant dude
When I'm talking down it's a hell of a view
And I swear to fuck that I'm better than you
I'm banging my mic on the walls of the booth
Lately it's like I inflated my pockets man
I'm drippin like I'm related to aquaman
Never been friendly don't fuck wit your operatives
Monocle on I might start a monopoly
They say the flow is on god level
I put my boot through the go pedal
I see opponents at all levels
You mother fuckers should know better
Than to challenge Saitama to a punching match
Bitch I'm Schwarzenegger this is running man
Mick Rory with a mother fucking match
Barry Allen on a hundred meter dash
I'm just saying I ain't fucking playing
Ultra instinct like a super saiyan
Who don't give a shit bout what the fuck you saying
Off that kryptonite so call me super mayne

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