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All it takes is a little bit of hard work and dedication right now im focused
on my reputation while these junkies waitin on there medication im zoomin
in on my destination and the opposition they just steady hating get the
best of me yea ill be waiting with all these thoughts in my mind im just
contemplating how to go about my grind and let out frustration yea the
reason im even writing this song is so i cant be beaten because if i fail
ill be leavin theivin its hard to make it in this world thats from experience
whats the difference between ignorance and innocence? it depends on
the decisions of the people around you its a hit or miss nowadays music
isnt about the skill the meaning of that statement can it be so trill how the
fuck he gon die when he take a pill all this crazy shit they do it for the thrill
and when i blow i wonder how itll feel my dreams and goals are so surreal
sometimes i wonder what i been on when you hit the bong and it all
goes away its such a phenomenon visions of my past that haunt me
the police they out for me yea they want me, i wanna be a complete lyricist
because my inspiration comes from the realest of the realest
man this that built flow the one that be comin in with that still flow dont fuck
around because they kill though you already know thats the deal hoe
the deal hoe

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