in my mind

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now we all wonder bout tomorrow even
danny devito yea i wonder where he tho im elevated thats my thing
can you see
hoe the amount fucks given is zero daddy in jail thats my hero
ice cold like sub zero directin shit like De Niro
kicked out of school its so fucked up wonderin if im gon luck up
shut the fuck up and listen killin this shit oj simpson millions and millions
my vision you dont believe you a villain these pussies aint good for
nothin but hittin the blunt
yea i been stuck in rut just stopped givin a fuck the
system is so corrupt now the anti just upped so im gon push forward makin
moves yea i got somethin to prove and i got nothin to lose thats why im
out for forties and shorties i always hear all these stories that inspire the
soul my ex girl heart is so cold gotta let my life go unfold it dont gotta be
great just composed motherfuckers easily provoked yea i been broke for
so long thats why im writin this song aggressive like Vietcong im best wit
some peace of mind nas had a vision he thrived i just feel
so alive but is it all in my mind, is it all in my mind? yea i got dreams to
pursue but yall already knew im devisin a plan mothafucka ill be the man
in life what comes next?not once have i flexed fuck it up then i reflect
switch around and then i deflect what these bitches is sayin,yea they all
out they mind, now i think its time to start prayin just leave the bullshit
behind, i gave you my flow now go head step out my mind

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