God Flow

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nehemiah exodus leviticus
I'm beginning to realize a resemb(a)lence
I feel alive and a little contemptuous
I'm kinda tired of living right next to this
You try dying as the antithesis
Seeking their lies in death it's conspicuous
Symbolic ties to royalty lies at the heart of their pride the signs aint ambiguous
This is that plague shit
The end of days picked
42 bears ripped up some kids shit
Angels will rage and rape all the children
Ready to pillage
He's gonna kill ya
Sacrifice kids and empty the buildin
Foreigner's deaths expects no less put this spear right through their intestines
Claiming more kills than Hitler
Beginning to see the picture?
This is the bible with no filter but you think my views off kilter?
This the most famous killer ordering you obey their will huh? Waiting to hear that Wilhelm
and maybe it’ll be your children but hey what’s another 100 million?
You think this aint a fable
Did you see Cain and Able?
He wants you slain and tabled
Also enables papals gay boys to stay toys incapable of labeling the same sorta cocaine laden rape stories that A. Ward’s dates were forsaken by neighbors that did nothing but pray more while Gale whored passed rectory’s doors
It’s just symbology, right?
Just like the Midianites
When god sets his sites to set alight entire tribes kids and cattle alike
But Moses then got angry
Cause they didn’t kill every single lady
But at least he saved the virgins
cause their young and served a purpose
32,000 sexual servants, well half, god needs to get his swerve on
Animal sacrifice can’t entice for life gotta get some dykes alright
Virgin girls, yeah they’ll suffice, but fuck Amalekites men women infants die for Amalek’s crimes back centuries time, is that a sign is there a line?
Bible study but they never be inquisitive
Now don’t you think that’s a lil’ bit indicative?
Never ever evidence you’d think they’d be sick of this
Some among them must be clever cause they be getting’ rich from it
The scam that spanned centuries put lad’s granddads ten feet now lands grandstand empty with hands that clasp ready their brand now stands threatened by a mindful weapon better pray for heaven
I’m jealous of evangelical gentlemen like Jesse whose jumbo jets come thundering hey Kenneth just wondering
how summoning dummies to hand you money became a company tax free relaxing on the backs of lumbering jacks Joel is a hack but they keep coming back it’s like a trap double hats and depressed pasts and all that crap they’re shaking leaves you tapped the sap not guilty imagine that
I think it’s pretty simple lie cheat steal from cripples
Tell’em modern medicine’s a trick from the devil
Give’em hope that they’ll heal just from the temple
Then go in on their last nickel like an overzealous pitbull
They might die tonight
But you’re gonna dine tight
Is this designed right?
blind eyes to hind sight?
But witness your limelight?
Leader of the free world working with certain persons CNP “think tank” that’s perfect
Behind closed doors so you know no lore but tax free for all the donors
A religious authority’s worse than forty Normandy’s forming normalcy of dormancy while scorning scores of forlorn nonconformities rising up forty leagues the size of majority

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