i love to rap

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intro: this song is to all those haters out there.
i'm not rich i just love to rap
ask me to freestyle you know i'm going snap
i'm just playing fortnite on my game
i hate when folkes rage
they cracks be lame
like my brother,we say that he's adopted but his not
so our momma told us to stop it
and i'm also good with snipers
ask my friends they know i just be hyper
it's like i got shocked with a wire
you trying to crack, your head shaped like a tire
not only i can rap i can dance
if u tryin' to fight i'll throw these hands
thats why i lean and dab and pipe it up and stab because i'm crazy
and yo momma lazy
i'll make you cry like a baby
does any body want some hershy
i will win the fight cause you cant hurt me

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