January 31 Part 2

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No more pine haven you on on your way you getting older know
Working with you mama go to school I see you get around
and you still contemplate but that something we work could work around
Im so just happy that I can finally get to see smile ,
i dreamed about this day a thousand times
Yeah I been counting down
I was suffocating in my dreams I almost fucking drowned
You had fell in somebody else way to hold it down
We was supposed to be together forever we swore it down
I told you I was willing to tell your father these 3 years we been departed I love you still girl regardless
You like to blame yourself but girl we both take part in all this
You told me that you didn’t cheat but kiss you kissed that man end story
Ima still fuck you
You talk your shit I talk my shit but ima still love you
Feels like we growing apart baby im here for you
Ima hopeless romantic and nigga still thugging
5150 crazy for you
i pray god he save you for me
I asked that you marry me
Then you made love to me disappeared and you took the ring
Now you got me sitting clueless I don’t not know what this means
You was calling everyday now it’s every other week
Saying shit like you do not like calling you think you bugging me
Baby that’s a cover up.
Why you gotta lie to me
You ain’t gotta duck for cover you ain’t gotta hide from me
I ain’t trying to break your heart
I’m trying to break your fall ya see
A lot of things been going through my mind a nigga so a in love
I just want you to know I been thinking bout you lately and
I just want you to know I been thinking about you lately and you aint gotta run or duck or hide I'm with you til the end
Yeah baby that’s right that’s what I was saying in that pussy in it last
After we played chess and we drunk
I fucked you all night
I’m trying to fuck you on a 100
when the cash get right
Til then we gone stick to these satin Sheets
You be grabbing me
I love it when you arch ya back and you push that ass back on me
I tell you that Pussy mine and you repeat it back it to me
Love my life living happily

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