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we out here shooting up some reverends
dropping roofies in beverages
rolling up some joints with the pages of the new testament
we aint god's children we them evil spooky devil kids
and we don't give a fuck
throwing grenades into strollers
slipping acid inside of coca colas
sabotaging roller coasters
and robbing some homeless folks
driving vans into buildings laden up with explosives
we on some evil shit
bad kids doing bad shit
chugging yak's blood
living like the rapture
throwing radios into bath tubs
cracking open caskets snatching jewels
and pissing on the graves
desecrating corpses
decapitating a boar's head
fallen angels, heaven sent
soulless walking corpses
we're the hopeless lost causes
with zero morals and no remorse
unholy, maleficent
cursing at sermons
we burning down churches
deflowering virgins
evil spooky kids doing evil spooky shit, we the spooky squad
distorted morals and no sense of ethics, bitch we the spooky squad
drug abusing hooligans
loopy off of whippets
we pissing all over lutherans
fucking bitches with crucifixes
Molotov apartments
hide needles in ball pits
pistol whippin the pastors
for asking for offerings
off my meds, go call the feds
call a priest or call the cops
i dont give a mother fuck
ima kill em all just watch
breaking into funeral homes
stealing formaldehyde
lace it the blunt
and forcing the kids to take a puff
evil shit, slippin m80's in the teacher's desk
sacrifice a lamb, cut em open
and watch him bleed to death
swallow a couple pills
put on some snuff fills
bitch i know drugs kill
stop being a buzz kill
worthless since birth
we encourage perversion
we worship the serpent
disturbing the peace
degenerate menaces doing fucked up shit for no reason
fallen angles, heaven sent
shooting up at NA meetings

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