Hostage Situation

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Y'all think I'm acting different? Oh you don't say
Of course I'm agitated, can you imagine taking
time to write a dissertation rap to save them?
Half of 'em took it the wrong way, if that's the case then
Glad I smashed 'em with their own music, bashed their face in
I won't argue with idiots, I'm past debating
Besides, if you don't agree with what I said in those rhymes
You can't be reasoned with, to you the songs were treasonous
So I won't bother arguing, it's just a waste of breath
Instead, I'll just up the ante like I raised the debt
To the new listeners, the synopsis - in part one
I curb stomped the guilty, part two they were laid to rest
And yet, there's dudes who defend 'em, I expected it
They heard the first few lines and then ignored the rest of it
They rage quit, couldn't wait to hit thumbs down
I disabled comments, don't need to hear from dumb clowns
The opinions of ants aren't relevant to an elephant
Be mad at the facts, not at the one who's telling it
Y'all act like I made those two raps for the hell of it
As if that vicious attack was something I reveled in
This is a fact, most of y'all, especially the ones
that sit in the back, can't think objectively
Any criticism and you respond aggressively
Meanwhile the culture's being damaged irreparably
Screw it, some of y'all are so stupid, that
You'll refuse the truth even when it's a proven fact
And that's the reason why I even started doing raps
It was obvious, that only by me pursuing that
Would y'all listen, plus I outclassed and ruined rap
Bruised your ego blue and black, yep get mad about it
Ya'll gon listen to me if I gotta ram it down your throat
'till you gag and vomit, is that savage sounding?
Good, cause I don't respect you, you lost that
I'ma cram this knowledge into your pea brains
until you eventually understand it or your skull cracks
I'm crucifying thugs by their ball sacks
Until you comprehend it, I'll keep beating you over the head with it
looking worse than Glenn with his, eye bulging out
after Negan hit him with his ball bat
This a battle of wits, so your attacks will fall flat
I hope y'all are happy, look what you created
The Rap Vigilante's born, so I'm afraid it
means, we're at odds now, and the stakes just escalated
I'ma clean this culture up if I gotta decimate it
Y'all chose this, I explained it reasonably
using logic, and though forty percent agreed with me
The other sixty, mumble to whoever you pray to
And get verbally bludgeoned, I won't stop ‘till I break you
Gave you the dots, explained how to connect 'em
Too biased to see facts, let alone accept 'em
Punishing thugs and those who aids and abets 'em
They been acting up decades, cause everyone lets 'em
It's over, I'm calling everyone out, targets acquired
Carve an entire culture to pieces, discard 'em in fire
My weapon is language, quickly load the words in
This the new me, you'll be begging for the older version
I'm remorseless now, and I will force respect
on our culture by looking internally towards this threat
You clowns can't escape this accosting that you facing
This is now officially a hostage situation
Y'all think I'm saying that, just cause it sounds cool?
Use clowns' tools against 'em, rap to trounce fools
This'll keep being a problem, 'till someone answers it
I'll keep the race hostage 'till my demands are met
Pull up your pants, drop the N word, pick up a book
Do you wanna look and sound like a typical crook?
Then you complain that people always see you as inferior
Wake up, imagine how you look to someone not familiar
with the culture, I already went over this using logic
Y'all refused to listen, buried your heads like an ostrich
Which is a myth, I'ma unleash this barrage of,
endless insults against your group, hurtful things you know are true
I know it too, I used to be in the same shoes
That's what I spent two songs trying to explain to you
I used to get offended, blamed 'em for their opinions
They're not purposely judging you, their thoughts are genuine
Now try this thought experiment, just to know
What are some things you think of when I mention Eskimos?
Some might say ice fishing, others, igloos
Imagine if that made a hundred of 'em wanna hit you
They'll claim that you hate 'em, and that you're stereotyping
You'd say, that's just what I know, why get angry like this?
You're right, you grew up in a different town, didn't see them
You don't choose what you know, things just sort of seep in
They'll blame you, form groups, say you're biased
Plus, what if the very ones blaming you were violent?
This will sound crazy, but just suppose if
the crime rate was high where groups of Eskimos live
You'll say there's socioeconomic reasons for that
You can't blame them, you might be racist perhaps
Ok then, let's put your money where your mouth is
Move back from the suburbs, to where their house is
Why'd you move away, why not raise your kids here?
You're always defending the actions of those who live here
You defend 'em, so go live next to 'em while you do it
Otherwise shut your mouth, your credibility is ruined
Everyone shut up, I'm done with all the excuses
Y'all should be just as outraged, what are you stupid?
Why are you ok with this, you're not a criminal are you?
Ok, then you're not the target, so why do you argue?
Perceptions are formed. When we're born it's a clear map
What do small towns think of us when they hear rap?
You think little Susie was taught to think less of you?
She didn't have to be, we taught her that, well, the rest of you
I'll fight this war alone, if you wanna help, prove it
Do this, share my raps, give hints to the clueless
Next time I'll include the, kitchen sink and the faucet
Here's the scary part, my gloves haven't come off yet

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