The real real me

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Yo let me be me
An ill let you be
Cuz you just can't see
Inside the real me
I ain't no slim shady
I got no good lady
And I know I'm hated
But I'm dedicated
I love what I do
So yo fuck you
Yo I'm lonely like a cloud
Even though I am enshrowed
By people who lied
And said they're cared if I had died
So I did and all they did is they hid
They hid like a little kid
They hid from the truth
I took to many pills
They act like I got gills
They keep me under the water so long
I dont know my right from my wrong
An all the world is a stage
And in just acting for y'all
Ill never sing my true song
Oh no not for you
Youve let me be me
So I let you be and I let you see the real real me
(The real real me)
(The real real me)
(The real real me)

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