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I don't believe in love, but I believe in us
I don't believe much, but I believe in trust
I don't belive in "The One", but I believe you enough
I don't believe we should rush, but baby I want you at once
Lobster and steak for dinner, Baby,
I'm cooking go kick up your feet
I got you in my life, I'm a winner,
and you know the whole world was racing with me
We better together, my Love, let's see how great we could be
I go to war with the word for you: let them try me and you'll see
Verse 1
Lately I've been contemplating marriage,
You know I hate but I have to have ya
Legally as well as literally,
cause you and me are the epitomy, of destiny:
It's meant to be. Our love will be our legacy
and Romeo and Juliet could just kill themselves outta jealousy.
everything I never knew I wanted is here
Thought of losing you has me in constant fear
cause you a masterpiece, remind me not to stare,
ride till the wheels fall off and you got the spare.
If I hit you last, that would be the strike
no bowling alley, i mean the game of life,
girl, throw it at me like you shaking dice
I catch that body like a grave site.
oh. Is that till death do us part, B?
cause you dressed too fresh to be part B
and I don't ever want us to be apart, B
so let us never ever finish what we start, B
this love that we god it ungodly,
cause all I wanna do is worship your body
I told my Heavenly Father, "I'm sorry"
but goddam, that's a hell of a body.
Hook x2
Verse 2
Lately I've been contemplating children
I don't want any, but you want a million
so bring that booty over here, baby;
I'm finna shoot up the club with a whole village
I like it when you ride it with no ceilings
thats no limit and its open ended,
just slide in it like there aint not friction,
im stroking but there aint no swimming. ayy
thats nasty, Baby. but you like it like that so gladly baby
wherever, whenever, you can have me baby
i'm havin box for dessert, you can have these babies
coz you got that good good but you hella bad.
so i gotta give it to you like you aint ever had.
but you got it all, plus all i have
and, Baby, you aint gotta ask.
Hook x2

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