The Girl On The Train

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Rappad Cypher Feb 2018 entry

She's sitting right there, in the opposite seat
and i can feel the heat, as our eyes meet
I check i'm awake, is this just a dream
is she finest girl, my eyes ever seen
style and poise, her smile so captivating
try to ignore. but i keep on gravitating
i have to think of something cool to say..
I gotta make a move, she's gonna walk away
excuse me baby, can i have your number please?
how can i say that..... without the cheese
i have words in my throat, but i just cant speak
i cant stop staring. she's gonna think i'm a freak
time passes, enough nervous glances
this cant be another, those wasted chances
if nothing ventured, then theres nothing gained
i know all of this, and yet i'm still restrained..
I already loved you before i knew you x 4
connection is strong ,as we continue along
what can i say now, its been to overdrawn
crazy in my head, with the excuses i'm making
like a girl that beautiful, must already be taken
i picture the whole train, checking out my game
if she puts me on blast, i'll die from the shame
my mate Marc told me, he passed a girl a note
but she just laughed at him, like he was a joke
thoughts interrupt, when honey move from her seat
before she steps out the door, she glances back at me
damn..its to late now, if only i had found words
now my dream girl, has flown away like a bird
maybe she will be on, this journey again tomorrow
and if she's not, then what? my heart pings with sorrow
that feeling of regret, i have been here before
be a man & take a stand, i made a dash for the door..
I already loved you before i knew you x 4
I catch up, excuse me miss i saw you on the train
and i couldn't let you leave, without asking your name
normally i'm not this forward, its moment i had to seize
because if I may say, really are the bees knees
i had to say something, as your whole aura draws me
is there somewhere we can go, i want to know your story
I dont want to disrupt, anothers happiness
but if you're not in love, give me chance to impress
it's 3 hours until the next train, so please don't decline
lets just flip a coin - heads i'm yours, tails you're mine
whatever you wanna do, just tell me, the skies the limit..
she smiled, put a finger to my lips and said 'i'm with it'
thats why sometimes, you have to roll the dice
take a chance, opportunity seldom knocks twice
whatever the outcome, no matter good or bad
you don't wanna look back, and wish you had..
I already loved you before i knew you x 6

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