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Never been trapped in a rectangular prism
Matter of fact I pick it up and shake the system
I’m insane but my minds not what I’m missing
Castrate the mental chains and manifest your real vision
Incisions inflicted on souls living
Poverty is the lack of giving
Properly stacked bars shacks cease existing
Forget about the hooks and read more books
African literature was never miniature
Fuck a co-sign but I would take Proverb’s signature
Never hype my shit up but it’s the finisher
Walking in the underground hunting down Lucifer
He keeps on running away but he won’t escape my fifth satellite. Jupiter
The fear promoted by the news is merciless like the 10th cyclone of the season named Jennifer
My pen is mightier than Excalibur blue ink black general
I think before I write so the message sinks in men several
Displaying characteristics of the motherland ubuntu
Fuck a beat get a drum let’s rock it African voodoo
All my real rebels rejoice to this assassins poison located on the bow
Of a Khoi San
Taking down heavy weights

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