Paved in Gold (feat. Lexi the Le...

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Hyde's Notes

Produced MusiQal Genius.

Mixed and mastered by @mostlyeverything on SoundCloud and @entrebandme on Twitter/IG.

Sittin’ back, listenin’ to the radio,
I wanna kick it, just drive around way too slow,
Know that you’ll ride with me even when I’m way too old,
I wanna stay in this lane like they paved it in gold,
//Verse 1
I wanna stay ridin’ wit’ you.
Stay until I’m dyin’ wit’ you,
Keep you by side in every single night, so that I can keep on lyin’ wit’ you,
I know I ain’t the best all the time,
That I’m a mess, I get depressed, and I get stressed in my mind,
But nevertheless I can’t imagine another
I’d rather have as a lover,
You had my back in the gutter,
You’re at my back when I slumber,
I’m under pressure? You’re pickin’ me up.
Under the weather? You’re fixin’ me up,
I guess I sound cliche, but in a way, that’s what you are,
The perfect complement, the moon to my stars,
With you in my arms?
I know there’s nowhere I can’t go,
There’s nowhere I’d rather be,
With you right in front of me,
Singin’ to the music movin’ slow,
Right into eternity
//Verse 2
We can see the world, or we can chill tonight,
Take your pick, it’s whatever you feel tonight,
We can fly around the globe, or drive around our hometown,
Long as I’m with you, it don’t matter how it goes down,
Know how we used to dream about New England in the fall?
Half the ball was dreamin’, we ain’t have to go at all,
Yeah, it’s the small moments,
All the things you do that make you you that no one saw, but I notice,
The way you tuck your chin and grin when you get embarrassed,
Like right now, every time you hear this lyric,
The way you love your parents,
The grace inside your spirit,
The way you always give up everything so you can share it,
The way you never grin and bare it,
The way your soul shines like that gold lyin’
Around your finger, yeah, you’re all mine,
And I’m proud to say that you’re my wife,
I’m so glad I get to walk beside you every day of my whole life.
//Verse 3 (Lexi the Lexiconist)
There is nobody else that I’d rather be around
You changed everything that I am perceiving now
We all make mistakes, but really, who is keeping count?
When I wake up you’re the main thing that I think about
Even now when I’m lyin’ down
You reassure me when I’m losin’ myself
You put me back on the shelf
I swear you’ve casted a spell
‘Cause to me you’re heaven sent
You take me places that I’ve never been
Your heart is pure gold
I know in your soul
I’m in love with your soul
In love with your hold on me
Sharing your goals with me, with me
Paved in gold, paved in gold

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