No Sweat

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[Verse 1]
And it won't stop
off the top off the mental
but not simple
pull out the pen and I pop you like a pimple
you looking stupid pulling up in a new rental
i'm very judgemental
but the instrumental knows my flow its automatic
incidental how the hoes at shows became fanatics
incremental how the clothes I chose become dramatic
i'm ecstatic to unload like pros my words emphatic
This is how it goes I leave you static
with the automatic
blasting out the window of the hoopdie
handguns and uzi's
blocks with crackrocks
where marijuana and the poppy seeds are the cash crops
the ash drops to the floor but whats in store
is much worse than anything you seen before
you toss turn and snore
while im on a tour
cause boy sleeping on me is quite the chore
and he pulls out the gat no sweat
and he pulls out the gat no sweat
just a tech
on your neck
and plenty bullets come out
thats what the bull is about
I'm talking bout that bullshit
full clip
from the hip
better dip
unless you wanna fucking trip
and fall
and drop the ball
I swear to god I make one call
and have you sprawled
in the mall
thats the protocol
[Verse 2]
its obscene what i see on the tv screen
i mean i got a small dream but it seems extreme
cause all these people on teams in this big regime
america is busting at the seams
man its ugly
but only god above me
could shove me
to do good things
i see the darkness that violence brings
i hear the songs that the white man sings
i know these things the privilege will always cling
they didn't clip my wings
like what if i got caught with two grams
would they understand would they put the cuffs around my hands
would I have my white momma take the stand
my lawyer dad
and let the jury see the perfect life that I would've had
if jail wasn't for sale like its retail
word to cole i'll always be like Eminem or Adele
i'll never be a vulture
I can't be it but I can represent the culture

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