No Love Cypher [prod. Poison Fla...

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[I honestly wish this shit had a feature like Genius where I could explain
some of the more complex wordplay and references, but i know this is
where the lyricists reside, so I bet ya'll got it, enjoy]
(If the beat sounds familiar, that's because its the instrumental
to Doom's "Books of War")
They say don't replicate your idols but what's left to be said
Study my former works the form I worked just left them for dead
No nursery rhymes verses cause a burst in your mind
Every verb just gets you high we quickly verbally climb
I've just been spitting resurrections raising rap from the tomb
Saving my seat among the risen and the rapping tycoons
I don't want bitches I want ass, as in I'm stacking doubloons
Simple similes assembled make it pop like just like balloons
I've been with the heavy fumes gas clouds in my environment
I see you rock recycled bars you shouldn't try it kid
My flows 4 dimensional come guess what time I'm in
Always been the highest the groupies all wanna fly with him
Captain Falcon kicking verses
Captain Murphy preach the service
Breach the surface with no selling out
Girl just pull your curtains
Introductions just a burden
I thought through a thousand versions
Conversational suggestion
So precise just like a surgeon
I'm sorry I cant keep with the topic
I'm just in love with the craft and these local bitches so toxic
It only takes a couple turns to make them drip like a faucet
But girl be cautious
If you catching feelings Imma toss it
Bitch you lost it
I caught the holy ghost and now I'm haunted
Been at for like 2 hours straight I'm fucking exhausted
I'm cleaning up and leaving when I'm finished
Speaking of, leave the beat so it's reaching the second minute
Sike bitch extended verses might as well be my invention
I see 12 behind the fence I think they looked in this direction
Get off and buckle up this ain't a time for affection
Hit the pedal moving faster than a first date conception
In the worst way I made a split second hesitation
Went off the road speeding woke up in different locations
Saw your body in my mind I saw all of our conversations
Shared moments of hope and the times we kicked in the basement
Left a hole inside me and nobody could replace it
Now I'm steady thinking bout you on my day shift

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