Now And Then

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Everybody knows this is how it all goes
When we feeling lone like kids playing dominoes
Driving left and right avoiding all the bad things
Cuz' we know life likes playing with our strings
We do always take a walk when we feeling like it
This is phase, but we know this is how it goes
Might sit, but we know gotta climb that wall
Always in the night I'm thinking 'bout you
Thinking 'bout you I might fall overall I sigh
How to
Take a pause in the night
How to
Know for real done right
Cuz' I'm tired
I always end up looking at the stars
Heal the scar
Yea Yea
I'm feeling' real numb
Dealing steal outer look
Tho my mind shouts louder look
Took now I'm lost and a shook
Thats a new book here comes an endear hook
Everybody got this moment when they felt none
Feeling cuz' we gotta think bout this love stuff
Money party ain't gonna help it still bothers done
I'm feeling like I'm lost in this body some
We feeling
We feeling like we lost one
Lost one
Lost one heart beat
Yea yea
Imma new book
Take a look thats a guidebook
Locked and I hide
thoughts cuz' I might
Overthink everything
What was happening
Now this out of sight
Say hi to new me
This is now and then
Nowhere to send my my mind
Blocked part of me
I was blind did I knew
That's anatomy
I'm a human with uncertain special gravity
Opened eyes wind blowing in my head
Stolen feelings dry it's snowing everythings white
Hide emotions cuz' I fight
Now I'm born new this is now and then
I fight everyday cuz' it's them again
I see light at the end does come my my my way
Goal cuz' I love my life more
Thinking with the brain
I don't need no pain
That's my life

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