Brace Face

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They Try wanna ride the wave like tsunami
Can’t none of y’all bitches stop me or top me
My rhymes is deadly might have to go catch a body
Inside of me see the prodigy
Jesus walkin beside of me
A prophecy imma god
My mind leanin on a Socrates
Pardon me comin thru
What is this game comin to
I’m reppin the TPC
They feinin like PCP
For me to spazz onna beat
I’m wavy no MP3
We talkin a bigger file
Y’all basic like 10 a G wait
We up in the cut my mind is spinnin like a DJ
All about my bucks I’m onna mission for that cheese cake
None y’all bitches know me give a fuck what he or she say
Rappers take my shit an try to sell it like it’s ebay
No please
Don’t nobody know me
I walk in the stu my jewelry shinin like a trophy
I be gettin props from all the youngins an the OGs
Wallet all green like I’m yoshi
Confidence on Ginoble
Never one to fake I really do this imma made man
Never force my hand
Leave you empty like a wasteland
Lookin for these bands
Want the green Sam I am
Bitch I got the hardest bars
Only bars you got is xans uh
I be spittin damn son
Sweeter than a Fanta
Yo girl in my DM askin me to be her man bruh
I be like nah I’m focusin onna hit
You focusin onna yick
Is only gone get you shit
Im hunnid percent a Goat
You barley takin a step
I’m killin y’all with the flow
Till none of y’all bitches left
Advantage I’m onna cliff
I’m lookin down from the edge
They tryna get me to slip
But legends ain’t never dead yeah
Oh no
Bitch I gotta vision like a go pro
That dro dro
Got a homie feelin like it’s slow mo
The popo
tryna see me still like a photo
Oh no
Bitch I’m back again an killin solo
Aye aye it’s the brace face
In my hay day
AK bitch it be the pen that’s the name aye
Waitin for that pay day
Don’t got time fa games aye
I am like a kid on punishment like bitch I can’t play
Only want the money never searchin for the fame
Wonderin why I’m so skinny how I’m eatin up the game
Lovin’ how y’all hatin
Imma walkin contradiction
Yo homies I hear em hissin
My homies ain’t never missin
They steady be politicin
Who the best MC
M E bitch I be the king
Y’all can envy
I been holdin bars like an inmate
Now I’m here releasin em
Keep up on my pen game
you can hear the speakers uh
Knockin like a crap game
You showed me yo songs an
They sound the exact same
As the last man
No plan
I’m blowin up here it go
I’m loud an y’all comin low
Remember the Sevio

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