LovE song (just beats TV)

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With lot of things I'm in love with.. Hope they love me too
---> first let me start with God's creation i.e nature
Deep oceans , Big mountains perfect scenario that I'd capture
[Snow, desert, moon, nebula, water, rainbow, sun] That I loved yeah
N cold winds would hugging me when God clickin ma picture ( Thundering)
----> Now I'm moving to next of course that's my friends
I got so few or may I diluded it again,
Know they'll there for me, whether I won, lose or offend
N this feeling won't apart us till my end
N SR beats I comprehend
I got 2-3 , that's enough for me
Parker advices yeah too helping me, n
Whenever the things would driving me crazy,
They put their hand on my shoulder n said its OK, AT..
Jedi Track n we'll set for trekking to facing our fears n chasing our dreams
So let me change the symphony that's playing inside in me
[LaLa used to call me freak free]. Hope they are fine
[Doing their good deeds with large drinks n good weed]..
------> now, let me tell you my love for my family..
Words can't describe it all, that I feel so mainly
I do pray, only for their well being.. Believe
Love exists too in a small things, know
They never liked when I [used to wore those earrings]..
They still love me whether I'm not an ideal son,
But I know how to Respect even if I'm doing none
We always stay together either I lose or won
So don't be stunned..
But How can I forget my love for the --------> Lord
Who turned me into theist, when I started pot..
But Miracles happend on the pinnacle,
Manni, witnessed how I'd clear that obstacle
God taught me those things [in pain] which are very special
Stick to core mental, it's cost nothing if I think vulnerable
Be good to all whether, they are fine, I'll or mental
One life, what u saw when came to your place
A disgrace on your face i.e why you do see me with those febles
---------> now, let me talk about animals
Doesn't matter if some of them are cannibal, all of them are fabulous.
Loved when the birds chirps, Duck swims knurled
From inside some vibe connected us.
No words, our eyes speak more than much..
We all just carving for love,
N it's the survival of the fittest n guess that's all for us..
Looked Mylo (dog, pet) eating some groundnuts
Mix all
Now don't wanna kill some time,
Me n SR gonna make some solid rhyme,
At top of the mountain peace in our mind n
Key monetary too visible from our sight
What we want, just needed a glimmer in our life..
---> As I'm still climbing, I don't wanna lose it..
In love with nature n with some new music shit
Listening war songs like some pacifist
[My Salute for those army men], who protected us even they are hit (on 6500ft.)
[My Love for my country I never refuse it],
Ready to gave my all, there is no such a confusion,
[Slim Shady] is playing day n night, No need of an illusion.
It's the Love Song, that I just introduce it... !!

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