I Fucked It Up.. (Prod. SHRK)

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Lately I've been behind on my mind
Slower thinking I'm taking my time
Another all-nighter and now I decide
to let it all out through another rhyme
to let out what happened
explain all the damage
to both of our heads its more than we could manage
through all of the hurt through all of the challenges
all the concern through all the imbalances
We fought.
And won.
And lost.
It's dumb.
We had so many good memories
All the love all the funny things
Thrown down the drain like toxic waste
I mean us talking was a toxic thing so
We just stopped
After all the love that you talked
About Marriage, Caring, A baby carriage but..
It's fine
The fault is partly mine
So instead of your name in this line, I'll say
I fucked it up
I fucked it up
I fucked it up..
I fucked it up
I fucked it up
I fucked it up..

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