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Verax_'s Notes

Listen to part 1 of this series here:


If my last song offended you, just turn this off now
I'll finish it this time, then I'll burn this all down
Last time my thesis was: thugs are all clowns
I'll hammer that point 'till the foundation falls down
Where is this coming from? Go listen to part one
Where I called out the infected, people got offended
Lost their minds became headless
You can take this in one of two ways, another defiant rhyme or a lesson
Like Dr. King using words as a weapon, the non-violent kind,
By the way if he were alive, he would die inside
from the outrage of seeing black people commit more than half
the country's violent crimes
It's crazy there's a group that glorifies it
Rappers and thugs, no one cares, everyone buys it
Y'all do realize they're destroying our image right?
And have done so for generations, and then it's like
anyone who speaks up on it, and dares to bring it up
They're racist, former celebrity erased, now they're faceless
I'm Straight Outta F's to give, so I don't give a...
And I'll spell it out, in case this, wasn't obvious enough
I'll be painfully blunt in this next statement
The inner city is a cesspool creating thugs and sadists
See I told you this wouldn't be painless
I'm trying to clean our culture's image 'till it's pristine and stainless
How do you not see the tainted rotten ones?
You're either blind or dumb or you got your blinders on
I'ma pry 'em off, need to shift your gaze a bit
The perception of blacks, who you think's creating it?
Who's using the N word, who's usually the loudest?
Who glorifies crime, and makes rhymes about it?
You know how crazy that is? Just imagine if
country music singers sang about violence with savage grins
Image would be tarnished, beyond salvaging
If all they did was sing about killing each other, it would be utter
ignorance, they'd seem barbaric, abrasive
Anyone who looked like that would seem unsophisticated
You'd associate cowboy hats and denim long sleeves
with criminals, you would cast aspersions wrongly
Even worse, crimes are being done in real life
You'll hate what I say next, grip your mental shields tight
Even though blacks make up thirteen percent of the population,
Guess who commits more than half the violent crimes in the nation
This culture, it's grooming 'em
Who the ones robbing blacks, who's shooting 'em?
When we move away from the hood, who we moving from?
That's the cold hard truth that's got me blue and numb
You're wondering what's the point of saying all this about us?
I need all the intelligent black people riled up
Denounce thugs, rebuild our image from the ground up
Don't defend urban culture, it's nothing to be proud of
That's the enemy, they make blacks look dumb
Rappers, thugs, and all these brat hoodlums
What about King's dream? Content beats color
Well the color he died for are killing each other
They prance around strutting, pants hanging down
When whites use the N word, I can't blame 'em now
Guess what, when whites are caught using the N word as an insult,
they're not talking about you, don't be vengeful
When these videos of college students using the N word leaks
She does have black friends and she wasn't trying to offend her peeps
Shouldn't have said it, but listen
Use your brain for a second before you go ballistic
It's true, that word is used to mock and be hurtful
But it's not used towards Fresh Prince or Steve Urkel
It's for mean mugging clowns heads tilted slightly
Whose self-worth comes from trying to look frightening
It's not meant for the nice good natured folks
It's the mean and rude ones cause the hood made 'em so
Not for me and you, and to be totally honest
If there's a word that was offensive to Neo-Nazis and the Klan,
I'd say it everyday, and wouldn't stop, I'd be the loudest
I'd be a comedian going on a tirade, shouting
I'd be an immature student on campus, sounding
hateful, labeled racist in the footage of me clowning
"Hey, that's wrong, don't you know that word's hurtful?"
Uh, yeah dummy... what you think I'm using the word for?
Why wouldn't I wanna offend the earth's scum?
Dang, I just took your life's beliefs and reversed 'em
How about no one use the word, I'm sick of hearing it
Don't be a sheep and claim it's a term of endearment
It's an ignorant word, drop it can you not evolve?
How do you say the N word and stand proudly tall?
That's like being called a piece of crap your whole life
Then call each other other that, yeah that makes sense, alright
I'm sure this song'll probably get me ostracized
A sacrifice I'll make, I'm trying to save the race
Inequality was a policy, it paved the way
For generational wealth disparity, it remains today
We've been blindly repeating a cycle, it's exhausting
What values do you think thugs teach their offspring?
He's not teaching compassion, nonviolence
He's raising his cubs to become, strong lions
Hearing that, you don't see where the problem's at
Why you think the image of being angry falls on blacks?
It's a cycle, thugs raise kids to be tough
They grow up to be thugs, this tore up truth becomes
Blinding, y'all can't see it, cause you're too close to it
Can't see the forest for the trees, you just stroll through it
That's why I'm burning it down, and holding your toes to it
At this point in the song, I don't think you're opposed to it
Here's the cure, it's worth how long this verbal beating took
The answer is deceptively simple: reading books
Parents, you gotta take the time to read to your kids
They'll pick it up as a hobby, and breeze through 'em quick
And this isn't even about all the language benefits
I'm talking about something called "emotional intelligence"
It raises empathy as well as widen perspectives
Critical thinking, literally builds new connections
in your brain, functions at peak efficiency
People who read, they view the world, see it differently
Abstract ideas are easily broken down, dismantled
To a level of such precision that it can split atoms
And according to the studies, it's fiction that does it
So the books they're already reading for school won't cut it
And even if you're as, poor as, I was growing up
The library is free, there's no fee for showing up
And they'll do right not cause they were told by their parents they have to
They’ll be ethical, cause they see the inherent value
It's your time of reckoning, you can either be offended
Or realize the root cause and take action against it
The key is nonviolence, don't support or promote it
Thanks to hip hop moguls the black image has eroded
They milked the stereotype and rode it to the bank
The sub-textual second class image, that's who to thank
The point of this song was to light a fire under you
Thugs, wisen up, I've got everyone onto you
And rappers too, got verbally beat down
by a nerd, with your music, this era's over, y'all answer to me now
// Listen to part 1 of this series here:
// https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDZ8mcyN7TE

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