Looking Down

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Verse 1
Why am I looking down every time I walk by
Why's there end in friend, hell in hello, good in goodbye
Oh my, can't deny shy guy don't justify can't i-
dentify myself it is not specified
Whatever I do you won't be satisfied
Shut and lock the door don't try to pry open into my life
We're close friends? Don't lie
We dont' have connection like wifi
I have been enjoying my meal when a toilet is in sight
Hide and cried to decide when I should commit suicide
Negative thoughts like
When at midnight 12 o'clock strike
I'll be crucified
Need a guide can't reach the height of the light
I let their sharp teeth strike
Me cold like a frostbite
Blink of a eye lost sight
Hope to hold the rope tight, it is ignited let go in fright
Nobody knows the story of a bad journey that I had
Faking a smile is so much easier than explaining why I'm sad
Likely to spite me highly hurt my psyche losing my soul slightly...
My head is tilted down
I don't know which path to choose
I see emptiness around
Lost and confused
I got nothing to lose
But my eyes are still on the ground
How am I suppose to keep myself up now
Verse 2
Yo, no more crooked smile and no more looking down
This weight in my chest it's a heart of gold
Hard to know going slow
Count on me and not on hope
Take my remote I lose control
Close my brain but I'm open minded
I've decided to be delighted
My word paint a thousand pictures
It triggers, this verse which's worth sucking that ring candy become a lifesaver
Swing the light saber through my failure
But when failure shoots then I will bite the bullet
And I won't quit and I know it
Could be fixed with a sewing kit
Place the rage on the page
Take in as you age
Go engage what made this hate
To be the aid to elevate
There's no fate you're afraid
but don't evade escape just eliminate
What is holding you in now
Fight it out with no more doubt
No longer need anymore help
I can make it if I keep on trying
Not gonna be hiding or crying
I will keep fighting and striving
Life's thin as my eyes spin
Find where the optimist lies in
My head is now rising
Head's no longer tilted down
I don't need a path to choose
I see brightness around
No longer confused
I'll make myself proud
Tears won't be on the ground
I know waht to do to keep myself up now

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