Endo Awoke (nikeboy beats)

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tired from the fucken traffic
smoke vapes
why I’m looking classy
But ashes relax me
ancestors stay relevant
I chose to rap this way
No tracks like chemtrail i manifest
shape-shift the masses
the damage is done
I just mutate colossus
x men off the roster
Goliath the mountain
I move them like magic
A target better dress in camou
this amo for rapture
the rap game got ambushed
asphalt the Pussie devour
win slow like its family matters
adrenalin Hustle like tennis
i feel the tension
cuz they want it
and they know I get it
See them boys wired like the matrix
I smoke blunts I’m loaded
im armed and dangerous
the way I push the pen have you learn a lesson
Got material that it turned ancient
All the trash I spit before I get famous
I chose to keep my soul
Blood type o
I don’t fear nobody but god
Chose to walk my souls
I don’t trust these hoes
Ball till I fall like its Owen Hart
wanna change my life I’m flip these bars
hope I roll a seven
Antennas if they tweaking
then u know they telling
wired up double o seven
Troublesome cuz I roll with felons
Type that don’t manifest they just take it
Wake n bake could wait to fucken blaze it
So I went to sleep high And I woke up faded
Bad bitch on my mind but she don’t phase me
U know I hustle hard cuz I’m from the 80s

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