Five Felonies

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Yeah i caught five felonies
i was sittin in my room i was sellin weed
mama told me she still proud of me
life aint give me shit so i went and bought a lemon tree
man all i know is gettin high
payin bribes written rymes just to help the vibe
didnt grow up in all this crime
but it found its way into my life
I'm a new rebel
vodka and some Redbull
ankle breaking Mello
all my fellows chewing portabello
trippy off the shrooms
no room in my cocoon
boat capsized
cap and gown the right size
dialated in my eyes
my mind is straight fried
other guys
will Ferrell
POV so narrow
no supreme apparel
Time to sing
christmas carol
Need for speed ricky b
Seams split and leak
Philly home of meek
Homer cus I got doh
Lookin our the window
Mind of a skitzo
Gucci shoes
Luke in my belt loop
Coopa Troopa red shell shooter
Smoke another l tho
From the streets like Elmo
Hello hello hello
Anyone know where the hell to go
Packs in the back of the Ford Explorer tho
Fuck what u be talking
If it bout check u know that I be walk-in
Clock on my wrist got rocks
Cleaner than Clorox
Skin bleached like Chicago socks
Telling all tails of the underground
Momma won’t pay bail now wth
Tell me the spell u under now
God damn I came to kill
Mother fucker I’m holy field
it be feelin real
God only up to my knees
Needa be freed please
Grader cus I got the cheese
GBs covered by the smell of fabreez
Rapping just taking a change
Need my money I advance
Cars newer so they making maneuvers
While u making manure
This generation is facing expectation
And preparation only way to save us
I can’t tell what time it is
Form all the dimondas in my wris
Momma Berta hope I smoke pot
Cus anything better than a coke rock
Mentality bordering insanity
Energy between the synergy
Of you and me
Timberlands on my feet and I got trees
Og in my nikes remember man
How carti said it man
Parental advisory my words sediment
Cus they dirty
Mother fucker u ain’t even herd me
I’m bouts go off

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