435 Freestyle (Prod.Paco)

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It 4:35 eyes glued to the ceiling
meditating on the future
trynna make the right decisions
fuck a label no latex
independent for a paycheck
told my niggas we go make it
hard work and have patience
took a flight to Miami
think something changed about me
mentality different if you talking money I'm wit it
making money through my passion
that's true satisfaction
less talk more action
gotta be on top of the fraction
doors were always closed
had to make me a key
now they call me locksmith
I open doors with ease
I need to get me the guala aye
I need to get me the loot
sipping on grey goose
before I hop in the booth
and the booth my room
microphone on the dresser
tingz soon get better
real studio sessions
shouts out CY we perceive through the pressure
tingz soon get better (2x)
alright let's get
cool as cucumber heart frozen no Disney
your girl wanna love me she wah have my pickney (Jamaican term for a child)
play with her keys got her singing like Whitney
dick in the belly it play with the kidney
draw for the condoms I cant have no pickney
hop on the track got it smoking like chimney
bend it like Beckham am curving these bitches
I'm making these moves now they acting suspicious
number 1 who better than me
all these rappers got ntn on me
ma competition playing hide and seek
im Usain try to catch up to me
J.R when I shoot it from deep
mattocks when I run through your team
too many snakes I'm mowing the lawn
stay in your lane got me blowing my horn
the sky ain't the limit im seeing the stars
get me some bandz and take care of my mama
from a young age ye she knew im a stunter
young breadwinner 7 figure nigga
only count dead presidents with my fingers
its 4:35 im focused on winning
spitting hot bars but that nigga be chillin ai3ms the shinobi a lyrical villain (3x)

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