Til The End

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[Verse 1]
What I battled for, left me shattered on the floor
Doesn't matter if I'm tore, and I rattle like a door
Unhinged cuz of you, you scattered me to the four- winds
Your love's like a drug and I'm an addict that's for sure
Life has damaged me before, but I laughed in its face
Cuz I had you, now I'm tryna match with your pace
I'm kinda sad you, left now I'm dragging my legs-
Back to, where we started can't imagine a day without you
An assasin in a way and that is to say, baby you really killed me
But back in the days, it was all beautiful
It drastically changed, I started acting insane and stacking the pages
Was trapped in a cage, and you were holding the key
Shocked me, when you said you won't be rolling with me
Cried alot, eyes are still swollen but see
I'm sick of fighting to get back what's stolen from me
Drained me away, so close to dying
All outta strength, still forced to fight
All I wanna do is hold you tight
and say, baby please don't leave me again
Said you loved me ofcourse you were lying
Cuz when it comes to us you close your mind
Still I pray to god and hope you're fine
But hey, I'll love you 'til the end
[Verse 2]
Been severally harassed, tryna settle with the past
But the memories will last, when everything collapses
Getting back up on my feet, I better be relaxed
And I'm developing fast, getting better with the raps
Cuz of everything that has- happened, how could you be so cold?
All alone, I don't see you nowhere when I weep and moan
On my own, I'm getting hurt for being deep in love
Gave my heart to you, so stupid, now I believe its stolen
Leaving all- the things behind, fed up with your nonsense
You're devilishly torturous, now I'm getting up my confidence
Bogged down in your love, this pressure is a monster
Wrestled with my conscience, but negativity blossomed
But you're there in my heart hun, it began with an appaling start
Turned your back on me when I needed you, I was falling far-
Deep in the pits of pain, baby you caught me off the guard
And now see what happens when everything falls apart
I wanna start it all over
This shit is coming to a closure
I'm tryna get hold of-
My life, I wanna start it all over
No more crying even if you're gone
Been hurt alot, no more pushing on
I trusted you baby, how could you do me wrong?
Learned from my mistakes, I'm moving on
[Verse 3]
Its a tragedy, nobody bad as she
I can't believe, you're what attracted me
Hurts alot when all the memories come back at me
No way outta this world of insanity
I act to be- happy, breaking down rapidly
I had to seek, love that once ran through me
Cuz now me ain't together, it ain't what I planned to be
All hopes are lost, moving on ain't that easy
You never valued me, but what you haven't seen
Is the lil' boy inside trapped inside rhapsody- raps
Tryna make 'em antidote, writing masterpieces
Fruit of love he's slipping on banana peels
Sad to see- all his fancy dreams- shattering
His life's a battlefield- he just wants to be static free
Get rid of that agony- that captured him
Chance to be- able to find his life again through the dappled mist

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