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Writing [writhed] withers up like Im [lighting] //igniting and burning this garden asunder// [lightening] and thunder the next greatest wonder of the earth my birth// was a cure and a curse driving the Hearst undertaking the// reaper a grim situation unconscious a sleeper deeper and// deeper the hole I did bury barely able to recite this fable and babel //babble on Babylonian hanging
Do you get it //or got it the garden pun// or the one to u done undo undoubtedly true the crew// stew wondering howi assassinate you who wooo slow// itdown just a little back quick to decypher// re ignite a fire not a single situationprior //would give me a reason have no desire to comeback to the empire that i left [write to create a city-state a government
controlled on a whim ck bruins short fuse A g ag..aagamen trap chained lion den clever odysseus( achilles tendon...etc) whatever course no remorse intercept clept in where the trojan slept
every step I'm attempting to erase away a debt the second set persons // Mathers to fire as Baptist to water. with all of my strength i fought hip hop harderhip hop witch really don't feel it no feelings that I get ever get me // got me feeling this shit its not me but probably possibly predictive odyssey you ought a be given it up star struck thinking that it was dumb luck
What the fuck are you serious kinda curious Im furious leaving you speechless I beseech this you gotta have a listen listeners let me tell you that Im Christian a king of the Jews that is hidden good riddenThe division one in a million 100 upon thousands call me villain e Analyzing what you never understood lighting room up shining as the king of writing rising smiling as I'm rhyming Fantasizing a new future so enticing getting exciting few and fewer places
to be hiding I'm [conniving] driving [championship] record breaking [Agonizing] silence [amplifyin Vandalize ] entire instrumental mids lows and highs on the rise and I wont stop until I reach the prize I'm strategizing to confiscate and record break never stop makin music this life I didn't choose
I'm Stop correcting consumed by it and I just sit there take, nothing to lose I fucking told you dude that I don't need you I come unglued pursue remember clever artist master of it cause its exactly what I do a master of the art now this true verbally assassinating demonstrating a reason for people to be hating I'm just waiting and debating how long its gonna take don't mistake me waitin as me hesitation I'm concentrating on making something
that's so amazing life changing breaking barriers scarier The words that are spread of got the dead sweating the thread now the needle know I met you could bet I've been to that in this game don't get upset getting these pictures of wet when like crap yep the second we knew it and I'll wait I'll let junking the game it's been saying the same thing I've been doing the pain in my ass is not a game it's a shame mother fucker I don't even know your name thinking not remember but you just a link haha wait a minute
there goes my dang my little bitch switch the snitch when I get rich I hit the next pitch time out of this ditch before I can be very very scary way of getting out of this hairy no but I can wait you hard fly God say your good-byes don't even try no more water works but first I know it's worse Quint curse the first curse the universal diverse too often away kept it hurts in lyrics deep inside wondering how many times
I would have to try to say it and play it number sit in a way it's a gay it nothing major yet I know I was so lit legit I need to quit maybe you know my nana I know the very way I spit, not to spit maybe you knew it but no I would quit I sent that before shit let me explore tore the floor up from the bottom of my time I thought I knew with no I'm just driving

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