EXPRESS (Prod. Nico on the Beat)

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Some people only want to be entertained-
make something fun they love, a sweet escape.
Some people only want to be entertained-
but as for me? I prefer honest self-expression.
Art is honest self-expression.
How do you express yourself?
Switch it up to keep 'em guessing-
or gather dust upon a shelf.
Paint a portrait in the grime-
all you forfeit is your time.
The value of ticking 'second hands'-
is one you create within your mind.
Afraid of success- potential success- making a mess of my life.
Essential is stress and my need to express.
I'm doing this shit for me.
I need a fucking release.
Making music till deceased-
not going in peace-
I will never cease.
They gonna have to murder me and bury me-
twelve-feet deep-
double the depth-
curse my grave with a hex-
pave it in concrete-
to keep me from coming back-
in the form of a bat-
so, riddle me that.
What's in my rap-pack?
Lyrical batarangs-
a cape and a mask.
Goin on the attack: it's in the neurology, possibly in the psychology,
no-one is changing me. Perhaps aesthetically it's readily apparent that-
I'm suffering a malady.
He's been infected with a strain.
All he wants to do is entertain.

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