the trapped ft:dlowdinero

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When the trap trapped me
Trapped in my sins, can't break free?
Paralyzed to the feeling, all the hate I see
Moving on is never easy
It's hard but life ain't easy
Claiming the blame
Waiting on vain
cant complain bout the pain when its self inflicted
was the realist shit ever said
What's left but what's right
If you feel it, it must be real
learning how to deal with the real
the truth always hurt
Overpowered outnumbered
Living in the the fire
flames get higher
the heat gets hotter
my heart growing colder
Little scrapes, little dents - I got over
got me a sitting next to me
these petty hoes be testing me
it took me by surprise but i guess
i must be doing something right
Get it how you want it
The fight with me is well worth it

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