Serpent (prod. by Crazytown x My...

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Original beat from the song "Butterfly by Crazytown"
Vocals mixed & mastered by Myles Schwartz
I can be your sugar man, you can be my sugar lady, how bout we can make us a “Sugar Baby.”
You must be made of it, now that I got the taste for it. I’m aching for the taste of that “Sugar Baby.”
Verse 1:
Or salt, cuz you be bitter as herb. Hancock I can Rockit splitting the curve.
To teach, learn what I know on my CD tip. & you’re damn sure as hell right that I remixed this. Bitch!
So yeah a chick can be your butterfly, but a chick can be a beast. Aint no Beauty like the movies, some chicks should be on a leash.
A chick can be your butterfly, but a chick can be a leech. Sucking everything but dick, with a mission to see you beat.
Nah I keep on, yeah I keep going. Keep keeping on calm & I keep strong.
Cuz each song that I make. Is another handout, like a palm to face.
Come come my lady, come come my lady.
Can I get me some o that “Sugar Baby?”
Okay then maybe, we’ll sit here for the day.
We can talk about nothing, “You make me go crazy!”
Things are feeling rocky, so I made you some coffee.
Hot tea and I brought you some “Sugar, Baby.”
But still I’m in the hot seat, treated like a nazi. Fine, but just know “You make me go crazy!”
Insane, and you be splitting my brain, but I think I love you and this pain could be part of the game. And so I’m playing.
With the aim of hoping to win cause I’ve lost too many times before and started over again.
& so I pause. And I think of applause.
Then applaud myself for thinking that I did it at all.
But then I pause. And I think of my flaws.
And I’m flawed to think I did it well or did a good job.
And that’s because I get to thinking, because I get to moping. Toking, smoking cigarettes and drinking in the open.
Because I get to drinking, because I get to smoking. These hoes be thinking “Oh he’s bad, we should approach him!”
Like a mental patient, I’m stationed to delegate. I never wait to cut their steaks with Methylphenidate.
And nothing that I ever say to them would penetrate, so to mental patients I say that we celebrate!
Yeah it’s a curse to me personally, living out adversity. Purposely getting hurt worse than if you bit the curb for me.
So get the word from me, I rep the bird dummy. And so the bird is the word, that’s what you heard from me.
So fuck the scummy, bummy under-chicks who understudy the other bitches, undercutting others for nothing chicks.
And fuck the money-hungry honey chicks. Undercover to punish chicks, the ones who funnel funds into nothing chicks.
I am done with it, I don’t think it’s funny bitch. Lemme see you laughing when I’m making all this money bitch.
When I’m making money rich, I’ll waste it for the fun of it. I don’t fuck with frigid chicks, shit you’re seeing Nunavut.

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