Brain Trauma

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I've been alone for so damn long
Wanting to end it, but knowing it's wrong
My moms still here and I dont wanna' leave her
But the thoughts in my mind only grow dark and bleaker
I cut my wrist so I can deal with the pain
And get this suicide out of my brain
It can hold me over till the nights bright
But in the morning this life will become a fright
I have no friends just thinking if I did
Would this life be more fun if I stayed as a kid
Feeling really sad, I think i'm depressed
I think my feelings just need a little rest
Everyone in this world is fake to me
All their actions, I can not see
My life will be fucked up until the very end
I don't talk to anyone cause i'm scared and dead
I just wish I had someone that cared and bled
I just wish that someone loved me again
I just wish I didn't live life in my head
I just wish

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