The Ascent

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I wanna kill this twice make it dead and then
buy a new flow yeah im selling them
get in debt again new black swan feather pen
im a veteran pull your bones out your mouth
im a 12 on a skeleton (scale to ten)
there not getting it, i wanna bury it
im coming straight for your dome like millennium
they dont wanna let me in this stupid party
so i listen to Makaveli killuminati
in the car with the stereo system booming loudly
im not rude im rowdy
you a fool to doubt me
i could rule a army
got a crew behind me
i dont need a new Bugatti or a blue Ferrari
got my boo beside me rolling raw to calm me
is it true they signed me
will i blow up finally
ill be cutting them down withe a small ace like marley
got a couple of bubbles i wanna pop like molly
dont do drugs
got a couple of people i wanna send to the father
i gave you the bible but you can go a bit further
remember the time when i spat and you said to come harder
well listen to this i keep flowing up lava
couldnt find a piece of paper so i wrote on a fiver
spitting in the street i seen a bum choke on his cider
while opening his eyes wider
filed a mild order violently violating vocabularies
on side walks thats all
and all it took was a syllable pattern a minimum rap and a crack war
i wanna celebrate life when i generate writing a renegade
mic that serenade wine with white lemonade
ya never gonna blow like a dead grenande
ivory ebony mixed and yellow we dont care bury late night
better get a spade when i elevate and i demon straight
how to never make a mistake i never do a cup of tea
never mind make'em a steak bake'em a cake im
waiting to paint i make a song in my sleep my hands staying awake
i tried to stop for a minute theres no staying away from the mic
i wanna slay wanna say what i say dont play i pray
in the beginning im winning the villain its killing the feeling
the sinning is still in the film im filling my body with feeling
and swim in the building and save all the children and women and men
and im ending the negative ending im bending my back and im back
with a vengeance avengers got nothing this ill offend yas
man i didnt wanna end yas

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