Happy Day

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Verse 1
Its a happy day..
nope, don't need a reason
im breathin..
being squeezed by 3 kids..
even before i can reach the main floor
see the sunshine
think in mind what today got in store
i might be a little sore
kinda of rough night - but really im like
super grateful to be alive
got a job so I'm able to provide
and a wife slash partner in crime
with me to share the ride
I admit.. I used to be a hellion of a kid
causin problems for the fam and always rollin wit
the kinda crowd where other people tend to look down..
shake their heads n' say "What those kids up to now?"
But those good ol' days have been left in the past
Most days aren't so filled with crazy pizzaz
its crazy.. yes.. but now life is much different
before it was a chore, and now im feelin gifted
Im Start the day right
Wake up with light
There's no need to fight
And it will be a Happy Day
Know that IM blessed
Refuse to be stressed
Always do my best
And it will be a Happy Day
Verse 2
So lemme let you in on my little secret..
on how to sow peaceful seeds and start reapin..
Happy days.. for no particular reason..
Its starts with positive thoughts and how to keep em
Start the day with a big smile on your face...
offer words of gratitude to those in your space..
and if you find yourself alone, don't groan..
Aim your thanks to the earth, just try to get in the zone
from this centered position, lets try enter a rhythm
remain conscious of your thoughts, and please try to limit
how often your allowin your attention to be driften..
in a pre-conditioned state which is rigidly deficient
no need to keep wishen, that life could be different
there's a direct connection between our thoughts and our livin
and if we can admit that along the line we've gone wrong..
remember its fine - just sing the chorus to the song!
Verse 3
Like anything else all you need is a bit of practice
its difficult task redirecting your actions
but now that you know lifes real line of causation
you can remove all the "blue" and stop all the complaining
see my words are pertaining to retraining the mind
reviving what you believe and reframing your life
being invested in stress it's just draining your light
peace of minds without a cost, stop naming your price
cause we bicker and fight from a position of fear
think the past lasts forever, and the future is here
but really were just pretendin in this world we've invented
and when we choose to let it go, then its finally ended
mistakes have been corrected.. error's never set in stone
just stay with your presence.. know your never alone
the choice for Love is the only way to atone
end this journey to nowhere, cause your already home

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