Y.O.U (produced by G3DDIS)

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Moping depressed an open target to the growing pain,
Smoking cess broken hearted going insane,
Only able to weep I'm dead inside,
So lonely unable to sleep my heads fried,
The Scars you left Swallowed my heart whole,
Far from my best I wallow in the dark cold,
I thought you'd care I feel useless,
You brought despair but I'm use to this,
I'm crestfallen drowning in rejection,
Left bawling surrounded by dejection,
You control my rhymes my mind my soul,
For you'll find there's no where in time I wouldn't dare to go,
Sadness shows in the midst of days and night,
Like shadows in the myst of daylight,
No choice I grew affection,
Your voice was true perfection,
It demented me mentally when it wasn't meant to be,
The passion and lust and compassion
Just crashed and bust and mashed to dust
On my own in hopelessness alone emotionless,
So I groan in loneliness I moan but my only wish,
Is stop to heart ache in vain,
Drops bars that make you feel the same,
Even though I'm sad in the end,
Believe I'm so glad we're still friends,
My mind feels gnawed and gloom,
But time heals all wounds,
Some days I may face the dark,
But you'll always have a place in my heart,
I'm left to wonder torn to shreds,
I guess I'm numb there's mourning ahead,
That four letter word instead,
Would've been more better to have heard you said,
Happiness the sun,
Loneliness my moon,
Your the everlasting eclipse forever left to bloom

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